Tori Removal
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When excess bone (or tori) begins to develop in your jaw, the struggle to alleviate teeth grinding and bite misalignment can cause stress and discomfort. Don’t worry — we’ve got a solution. With tori removal, your oral surgeon can get you out of pain, prevent further issues from forming, and prepare your smile for any recommended procedures.

Why should I choose Tori Removal?

Dental tori are harmless. However, these bony growths can sometimes grow near your teeth. And when they do, they can interfere with the fit and function of replacement teeth such as dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants. If you are missing one or more teeth and also have dental tori in your mouth, they may need to be removed by your oral surgeon before you can have your teeth replaced.

Did you know…

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More than 20% of seniors have tori in their mouths. These may need to be removed to get dentures or similar replacement teeth.

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